Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone stake and how do I stake on the FRUITS Wallet?

Yes! User’s must have a FRUITS Wallet address and must have funds in their wallet address. User’s can stake on the FRUITS Wallet App or FRUITS Web Wallet by clicking on the “stake” button and by selecting their preferred cryptocurrency and lock-up period.

Why am I not able to stake?

Before contacting support, users should check if they have funds in their wallet address that they wish to stake from.

I unstaked but did not receive my rewards, why?

User’s who unstake before their lock-up period is over will not receive their rewards, but their assets will be automatically unlocked and accessible after unstaking.

When do staking rewards get distributed?

Staking rewards are automatically distributed after your lock-up period is over.

How do I know if my staking has started?

Your status will change from “Pending” to “Processing”.

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