Yield Farming

Earn crypto through Yield Farming
About FRUITS Yield Farming
FRUITS Yield Farming provides opportunities to investors to earn significantly high yields by staking a pair of crypto assets. Choose a pair of your choice and put your idle assets to work and grow your portfolio.
  • High Yields

  • Security of Funds

  • Cross-chain Interoperability

High Yields

Lending 2 crypto assets

By staking the same value of 2 crypto assets (a trading pair), more funds are deposited into the liquidity pool, which often create higher yields.
Security of Funds

Lock & automatically return

Unless penalties are incurred, your funds will automatically unlock after the staking period is over and your rewards will be sent over.
Cross-chain Interoperability

Variety of combinations

Stake multiple blockchain networks at once. The APY will vary on the combination of crypto assets you deposit into the liquidity pool.
Fruits wallet supports: