Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FRUITS Wallet

The FRUITS Wallet is a decentralized non-custodial wallet for your cryptocurrency. Users can buy, store, exchange, donate, and gain through various DeFi services all through the FRUITS Wallet.

How do I make a FRUITS Wallet Account?

FRUITS currently has 2 types of Wallets – a mobile app wallet and a web wallet. Click the link below to download and make an account.

Is the FRUITS Wallet free?

Yes! Both the FRUITS Wallet App and the FRUITS Web Wallet are free.

What is the difference between the App Wallet and the Web Wallet?

The App Wallet is a mobile app while the Web Wallet is a web browser wallet. Also, the web wallet offers more technical features which the App Wallet does not, such as, transaction and block listings, Solo mining, and mining pools.

Is the FRUITS Wallet secure?

Yes! The FRUITS Wallet is secure because we do not manage and/or control any private keys or personal information of the user(s). In addition, the FRUITS Wallet is constantly being reviewed and updated by our developers.

What is a passphrase?

A passphrase a password tied to the user’s FRUITS Wallet Address and will be used for backup and/or when importing the FRUITS Wallet Address into another device. It’s a random generated 12 words recovery phrase which the user only has access to unless the user reveals it.
*Please do not forget to copy the passphrase and store it somewhere SAFE. NEVER share this with anyone. It is the user’s responsibility to have this backed up as we do not have access to the user’s FRUITS Wallet Address.

How much are transaction fees on the FRUITS Wallet?

Transaction fees are free if the cryptocurrency is based on the FRUITS Blockchain.

What is the JUICE DEX?

JUICE DEX is the official decentralized exchange on the FRUITS Wallet. It uses an automated market maker (AMM) algorithm to set market prices based on supply and demand.

What is Governance?

Governance is a system that provides stakeholders (token holders) the right to manage, structure, and implement change to the given project, blockchain, and/or organization.

What is Guava Token (GT)?

Guava Token (GT) is the Governance Token of the Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project. The FRUITS DAO Voting system provides Guava Token holders the right to propose & vote on issues around the development, the operation, and the future of the Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project.

Can anyone propose & vote?

Yes, if you own Guava Token(s) (GT). Depending on the type of proposal, user’s will be required to have a certain amount of Guava Tokens (GT).

Can anyone stake and how do I stake on the FRUITS Wallet?

Yes! User’s must have a FRUITS Wallet address and must have funds in their wallet address. User’s can stake on the FRUITS Wallet App or FRUITS Web Wallet by clicking on the “stake” button and by selecting their preferred cryptocurrency and lock-up period.

Why am I not able to stake?

Before contacting support, users should check if they have funds in their wallet address that they wish to stake from.

I unstaked but did not receive my rewards, why?

User’s who unstake before their lock-up period is over will not receive their rewards, but their assets will be automatically unlocked and accessible after unstaking.

When do staking rewards get distributed?

Staking rewards are automatically distributed after your lock-up period is over.

How do I know if my staking has started?

Your status will change from “Pending” to “Processing”.

When do lending rewards get distributed?

Lending rewards are automatically distributed after your lock-up period is over.

Why am I not able to farm my assets?

Yield Farming requires users to select a trading pair and users must own the same amount of value for both trading pair assets to farm them.

When do yield farming rewards get distributed?

Yield Farming rewards are automatically distributed after your lock-up period is over.

What is DonationFi?

FRUITS DonationFi is an option for users to donate part of their rewards that they receive through the FRUITS DeFi services, such as, staking, lending, and yield farming.

Are there any perks of donating?

Yes! Other than the most obvious reason of helping the less fortunate and making others happy, the FRUITS Eco-Blockchain has multi-layered smart contracts that allow donors to receive Seed Token rewards.

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