Buy, Store, Exchange, and Earn - All-in-One

Create and download wallet

Create and download wallet

App Wallet

App for iOS & Android

A secure cryptocurrency wallet for your smartphone.
Web Wallet

The Web Version

The FRUITS Wallet with more advanced features, such as solo mining & mining pool.
Key Features

All-in-one wallet to store, exchange, manage, and earn crypto assets.

Multi - Coin Wallet

A multi-coin wallet that allows you to store, send, receive, exchange, and earn multiple cryptocurrencies within one account.

Donate to Charity

Users can donate to charity through the app or our Fruits Station website and receive rewards by donating.

Earn Cryptocurrency

FRUITS Wallet provides multiple ways for users to earn cryptocurrency. Staking, Lending, Yield Farming, and even through donations!

Original DEX

FRUITS Wallet has its own DEX called JUICE DEX, where users can exchange their cryptocurrency within the wallet.

High-Speed Transactions

Transactions between FRUITS Wallets is kept at a very high-speed due the FRUITS PoC mechanism (excludes any transfers to/from Exchanges)

No Transaction Fees

No transaction fees for transfers between FRUITS Wallets (excludes any transfers to/from Exchanges)
Fruits wallet supports: