Juice DEX

Trade directly on your FRUITS Wallet
About Juice Dex

Trade your crypto assets anywhere and anytime without intermediaries.

JUICE DEX is a decentralized exchange on the FRUITS Blockchain where you have full ownership of your crypto assets because it’s through your own FRUITS Wallet account.
  • High Speed Transactions

  • Automated Market Maker

  • Private & Secure

High Speed Transactions

Average of 30 seconds

Fruits Eco-Blockchain achieves high-speed transactions with an average completion time of 30 seconds for all transactions (as the average generation time of one block is approximately 1 minute).
Automated Market Maker

Peer-to-Peer trading

Uses an automated market maker (AMM) model where algorithms set market prices based on supply and demand (unlike order books on CEX, where you must wait to have your limit orders fulfilled).
Private & Secure

All through your Wallet

All transactions are executed with multiple secure and robust mechanisms. We also do not require any form of KYC, so there is no threat of personal information leakage. Your assets are safe and secure in your FRUITS Wallet account.
How to use the Juice DEX

Deposit Funds

Deposit funds into your FRUITS Wallet


Select the crypto assets you wish to exchange


Accept and your exchange is complete
Fruits wallet supports: