Earn crypto through staking
About FRUITS Staking
FRUITS Staking offers crypto investors around the world to earn stable yields through non-custodial staking directly from your FRUITS Wallet. FRUITS Staking also provides staking opportunities for various crypto assets & networks.
  • Stable Interest Rates

  • Security of Funds

  • Unstake Anytime

Stable Interest Rates

Through a decentralized mechanism

Our decentralized mechanism is set so interest rates are determined by the remaining liquidity pool protocol which makes the interest rates more stable over time.
Security of Funds

Lock & automatically return

Unless penalties are incurred, your funds will automatically unlock after the staking period is over and your rewards will be sent over.
Unstake Anytime (TBA)

Freedom of choice

You can unstake your crypto before the staking period is over. However, please be aware that you will not receive your rewards.
Staking Process

Access Your Wallet

Open your FRUITS Wallet App or the FRUITS Web Wallet.

Deposit Your Asset

Deposit or exchange the asset you wish to stake.

Select Staking Plan

Select the crypto asset & reward plan (depending on the lock period).

Select Donation Plan

Select your donation plan - by donating, you could potentially earn more rewards.

Confirm Plan

Confirm your staking plan & donation plan and start staking.

Earn Rewards

When your lock up period is over, you will automatically receive your rewards.
Fruits wallet supports: