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About FRUITS DonationFi
FRUITS DonationFi is an option for you to donate part of your rewards that you receive from our DeFi services (staking, lending, and yield farming). You can decide on how much you would like to donate and you can decide on which charity project (within our Fruits SDGs Station website) you would like to donate to - making it a direct donation service.
Why donate?

Win-Win Scenario

Multi-layered smart contracts that distribute rewards to those who donate to charity - creating a win-win scenario for both the donor and the recipient.

Currently Live TFSTs

Guava Token

The Governance Token of the Fruits Eco-Blockchain Project.
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Star Fruits Token

Our Exchange Ticket Token. Exchange this Star Fruits Token for any TFSTs that you want.
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Cherry Token

Our Exchange-For-MFT Token. Exchange this Cheery Token for our Miracle Fruit Token.
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Apple Token

Apple Tokens will be used for future applications developed by developers.
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Fruits wallet supports:

Bringing smiles to children and families around the world.

Donate directly to a charity of your choice and earn rewards - creating a win-win scenario for both the donor and the recipient.
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